For regularly scheduled, recurring housecleaning service(or for a 1x Full Service), L&L CLEANING,uses its 20 steps.

This housecleaning system was created by the owner of The L&L Cleaning Services, and has been successfully used since its inception over 10 years ago. Its proven systematic approach to housecleaning takes into account common sense techniques for cleaning your house, e.g., removing dust FIRST, which can become disturbed while housecleaning takes place. L&L Cleaning System uses a “Top-To-Bottom” approach, the way housecleaning should be done, if done correctly! Our housecleaning and administrative staff are glad to work with you, assisting you with all your housecleaning needs, and providing individualized attention to meet your particular requirements. The 20 step L&L Cleaning housecleaning system includes:

Removing dust and cobwebs from wall/ceiling edges

Dusting and cleaning the sills and ledges throughout the house

Cleaning dust from pictures and lamps in each room of the house

Dusting furniture and all horizontal surfaces in the home (polish if applicable)

Picking-up and straightening items (magazines, papers, toys, etc…)

Vacuuming upholstered furniture throughout house, both above and underneath cushions

Vacuuming hard surface flooring throughout house, preparing for handwashing, damp or wet mopping

Disinfecting and cleaning toilet(s)/tub(s)/shower(s)

Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom sink(s) & counter(s), cleaning all mirrors and glass

Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom floor(s) (usually handwashed, depending on size)

Making all beds in the house (change linens upon request)

Straightening towels (change towels upon request)

Cleaning the dishes or loading dishwasher (within limitation)

Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen sink

Spot checking & cleaning cabinet doors throughout house

Spot checking & cleaning appliance exteriors

Cleaning & disinfecting kitchen counters

Cleaning & disinfecting kitchen floor

Vacuuming carpeting & stairs throughout house

Clean/sanitize waist baskets, replace trash liners, remove trash from house & place in your receptacle.